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Years ago, the only way to straighten teeth was by seeing an expert dentist or orthodontist for braces, clear aligners, or orthodontic appliances like headgears. Nowadays, you can get your clear aligners delivered right to your doorstep without even leaving your house with the so-called remote clear aligner brands like AlignerCo. 

AlignerCo is a popular budget-friendly at-home clear aligner provider. They are cheaper than competitor at-home aligner brands (i.e., Byte, Candid, NewSmile) as well as in-office treatments such as braces and Invisalign. You can start your journey with AlignerCo for as low as $895, including free teeth whitening kit and retainers. But should cost be the only factor influencing your decision to go for it? Read more to find out!


The cheapest at-home aligners, with monthly plans, no down payment, and considerable discounts

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  • Cheapest at-home clear aligner brand.
  • Significantly cheaper than braces and in-office clear aligners like Invisalign.
  • In-office visits are not required.
  • Monthly plans are shorter and cheaper.
  • They offer a monthly plan without a downpayment required. 
  • Accepts HSA/FSA.
  • 24/7 live chat support.
  • Free online assessment questionnaire.
  • Patient app to monitor treatment progress.


  • To set an appointment with their Smile Studio, you have to pay $59.99 – just to get help with impression taking.
  • Not suitable for severe cases of bite problems.
  • Mixed customer reviews.

What Are ALIGNERCO Aligners Made Of

ALIGNERCO aligners are constructed from clear plastic intended to incrementally move teeth. They utilize computer imaging and modeling to customize each set of aligners to the patient’s teeth and treatment plan. The aligners are trimmed to the gumline for patient comfort. 

ALIGNERCO states their aligners are BPA-free and produced using patented technology and specialized software to ensure precision and accuracy in the alignment process.

How Is ALIGNERCO Different?

ALIGNERCO, a provider of clear aligners, operates on a remote model that significantly reduces costs for patients by eliminating the need for in-office dental exams. Instead, treatment progress is monitored virtually by a network of affiliated orthodontists and dentists. This telehealth model allows the company to focus its resources on the quality of the aligners themselves, rather than on operational expenses. Utilizing patented production techniques, ALIGNERCO precision-crafts each set of aligners, with special attention to hand-trimming around the gum line for enhanced comfort.

Aware of the challenges that home-administered impressions can pose, ALIGNERCO offers detailed tutorial videos to assist patients in accurately creating their molds. In cases where the ALIGNERCO team determines that clear aligners are not suitable for a patient after reviewing their models, the company offers refunds, demonstrating a commitment to patient satisfaction and trust.

ALIGNERCO also provides comprehensive support, available 24/7 via phone, email, and chat, to help patients navigate any difficulties they may encounter during their treatment.

Who Is a Candidate for Byte Aligners?

ALIGNERCO Aligners are ideal for individuals aged 13 and older, particularly those dealing with mild to moderate malocclusions. A simple questionnaire available on ALIGNERCO’s website helps determine if you’re a suitable candidate. According to ALIGNERCO, the range of dental issues their aligners can address includes:

  • Gapped Teeth: For those with gaps in their teeth, ALIGNERCO offers a solution that can create a healthier and more attractive smile in just 6-8 months. Their invisible aligners close these spaces efficiently, negating the need for traditional dental visits or bands. 
  • Crowded Teeth: ALIGNERCO’s aligners effectively treat overcrowded teeth, where limited jaw space causes teeth to overlap. 
  • Overbite: In cases where the upper teeth significantly overlap the lower teeth, ALIGNERCO’s aligners can be effective, though the feasibility of treatment depends on the overbite’s severity.
  • Crossbite: ALIGNERCO also addresses crossbites, where the upper teeth sit inside the lower ones. The treatment’s success is determined by the specific nature of the misalignment.

Underbite: For some underbite cases, where the lower teeth extend beyond the upper teeth, ALIGNERCO aligners can reposition the lower teeth to align properly behind the upper front teeth.

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How ALIGNERCO Aligners Work

You can either have your impression kit delivered to your house or book an appointment at their Smile Studio located in New York for an additional $59.99 to get help with taking mouth impressions. 

Whether you make your impressions at home or at the Smile Studio, they will create a 3D visualization of your treatment plan that will be sent to you. If you’re happy with what you see, you can proceed with the treatment, and they will have your aligners delivered to your address. Within a few months of wearing clear aligners, your teeth will gradually move to their ideal positions. 

To assist users throughout their treatment, ALIGNERCO provides the AlignerTracker app. This application helps guide users through the impression-making process, allows them to upload photos of their teeth, and provides a projected outcome of the smile. It also includes a guide on how to care for the aligners and tracks the progress of the treatment, reminding users when to switch to the next set of aligners.

After the alignment treatment is complete, users are required to wear retainers. This post-treatment step is essential to ensure that the teeth remain in their new alignment and to maintain the results achieved through the use of ALIGNERCO Aligners.

Types of ALIGNERCO Aligners

AlignerCo aligners are made of BPA-free, thin plastic sheets that gradually move teeth to their ideal positions with a series of clear aligners that you will have to change every 10 days or as indicated in your treatment plan. 

ALIGNERCO Clear Aligners

AlignerCo All Day Aligners should be worn for at least 20 hours daily. This is suitable for patients who would love to fast-track their smile transformation since the continuous force to move your teeth goes on all day! You must remove the aligners only during eating, drinking, and brushing your teeth, as it may damage your aligners. 

In a study by Alajmi et al., they said that patients reported better chewing ability, less mucosal ulceration, and no restrictions for routine foods while on clear aligners, which makes clear aligners more tolerable than metal braces.  

AlignerCo NightOnly Aligners

AlignerCo NightOnly aligners are perfect for those who wouldn’t want to wear anything during the day, such as people working in customer-facing roles. All-day aligners can get in the way since you must remove them when you eat, drink, and do oral hygiene care. 

NightOnly aligners are required to be worn for at least 8 to 10 hours each night. However, NightOnly aligners may take longer than all-day aligners. Clear aligners only work on your teeth when you’re wearing them, which is why some orthodontists and even its competitor, Candid, don’t recommend night aligners. 

According to Dr. Lynn Hurst, Candid Aligners founder and an orthodontist, without a longer and more consistent wear schedule, you may never experience the light continuous force necessary for effective healthy tooth movement.

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How Long Does Treatment Take?

Treatment with AlignerCo may take a minimum of 4 months and a maximum of 10 months, depending on the severity of teeth alignment issues, type of aligner (All Day or NightOnly), and patient compliance in wearing the aligners at recommended hours daily. 

In general, treatment should take from 4 to 6 months in the case of clear aligners and 8 to 10 months in the case of night-time aligners. It is relatively shorter than in-office orthodontic treatments such as braces and Invisalign, but it also has to do with the severity of problems AlignerCo helps with.

Worth Knowing

The survey published in the Journal of the American Dental Association shows that a large majority of respondents (87.5%) were satisfied with their direct-to-consumer (DTC) orthodontic treatment, highlighting the positive impact and effectiveness of these services. However, it’s noted that a small fraction (6.6%) experienced significant adverse effects necessitating professional dental consultation.

How Much Does ALIGNERCO Cost? 

You have two options to get started with your AlignerCo journey: to pay an upfront fee ($995 for All Day aligners or $1,195 for Night Only aligners) or purchase just the impression kit for $75, which is deductible from your aligners fee if you ever decide to move forward. 

If you prefer to pay in installments, they offer two types of monthly plans: SmileFlex and SmileFlex Easy. 

SmileFlex is an installment option that requires you to pay $79/mo (for All Day aligners) or $96/mo (for NightOnly aligners) for 12 months. No downpayment is required. So for the SmileFlex plan, you’ll pay a total of $948 for All Day aligners and $1,152 for NightOnly.

SmileFlex Easy, on the other hand, requires a down payment of $335 for All Day aligners and a monthly fee of $135 for 6 months – a total of $1,145. At the same time, NightOnly aligner treatment requires a downpayment of $445 and a monthly fee of $150 for 6 months – a total of $1,345. 

If you pay upfront, you definitely save up a considerable amount. Whereas the total amount to be paid for the SmileFlex Easy plan is almost on par with the upfront fee of Byte aligners, but in the case of Byte, you also get all the other good stuff like the HyperByte and remote monitoring app. 

Can ALIGNERCO Aligners Be Covered by Insurance?

ALIGNERCO Aligners may be eligible for coverage under dental insurance, offering a cost-effective solution for those seeking affordable orthodontic care. ALIGNERCO facilitates this process by providing all necessary documentation and receipts required for insurance claims.

Furthermore, ALIGNERCO Aligners can be financed through Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA). ALIGNERCO’s customer support team is equipped to assist clients in managing their payments.

To provide a clearer understanding of potential cost savings, consider the following illustrative example:

The base price for All Day Invisible Aligners is set at $995.

Dental insurance coverage might contribute up to $300 towards this cost.

Utilizing HSA/FSA funds could further reduce the expense by approximately $250.

Consequently, the out-of-pocket expense could potentially be as low as $595.

Does ALIGNERCO Really Work?

As mentioned above, AlignerCo will only work for those with mild to moderate teeth alignment issues. Several patient testimonials and before and after cases are posted on their website to show that their product works. 

There are also almost 2000 reviews on Trust Pilot, with an average score of 4.5/5. Many customers are pleased with the effective teeth straightening, even in complex cases, and appreciate the affordability and confidence boost from the treatment. They also like the week-by-week treatment visualization. However, some customers report frustration with customer support, especially regarding retainers and refunds. Negative experiences include delayed refunds, non-responsive service, and difficulties in obtaining replacement retainers.



The cheapest at-home aligners, with monthly plans, no down payment, and considerable discounts.

Check out AlignerCo Aligners

Frequently Asked Questions

Does ALIGNERCO offer discounts?

As the cheapest at-home aligner brand available, it is surprising that AlignerCo still offers discounts regularly. You just have to visit their website and check the upper banner for promo announcements. As of September 2022, they offer Back-to-School Promo, which gives you a $250 discount on your chosen clear aligner treatment. 

They also offer discounts for those serving in the military and a Refer-a-Friend program.

Are ALIGNERCO Aligners safe?

As with any orthodontic treatment, they are generally safe as long as your case is suitable for the type of clear aligners. They have a page on their website showing their AlignerCo Dental Network to establish that dentists and orthodontists are behind every case. 

Does ALIGNERCO accept insurance?

If your insurance company has some orthodontic coverage, it is most likely that you will get a portion of the AlignerCo cost reimbursed. They also accept HSA and FSA payments.

Does ALIGNERCO fix an overbite?

In cases where the upper teeth significantly overlap the lower teeth, ALIGNERCO’s aligners can be effective, though the feasibility of treatment depends on the overbite’s severity.

ALIGNERCO comparison to others 

AlignerCo is, no doubt, the cheapest of all at-home clear aligners brands. The monthly payment plans are also relatively shorter, with 6- and 12 months plans, whereas the other brands take 22 to 32 months. 

The 24/7 live chat is very responsive, but the replies are somewhat scripted, so if you have in-depth questions about your case, you will have to email them and wait for a response.  

They are also the only at-home aligner brand offering a package plan for retainers. Their Smile Protection Plan allows you to purchase 8 sets of Clear Retainers for only $549 and should let you keep your smile for 4 years (since you have to replace aligners every six months).


Overall, AlignerCo is one of the best options to straighten your teeth remotely if cost is a concern. However, as with any clear aligner treatment, it is only recommended for those with minor teeth alignment issues. 

A number of low-score reviews on TrustPilot indicate that with increasing demand and customer base, they need to keep up and make sure everyone is looked after adequately. 


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