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Candid is one of the telehealth players in the market that offers an affordable clear aligner treatment (although less affordable than some competitors, such as Byte) for those with mild to moderate teeth alignment problems. It is one of the best alternatives to Invisalign as it offers a hybrid treatment model. 

In a survey done in 2020, more than half of respondents said they had consulted with a dentist prior to purchasing remote clear aligners. Though many respondents would have preferred traditional treatment from a dentist or orthodontist, they opted for remote clear aligners because of cost and convenience.

And that’s where CandidPro comes in! Candid lets you monitor your teeth at home but requires you to visit a qualified CandidPro provider to begin treatment. CandidPro providers are expert orthodontists who will take scans and assess if Candid aligners are suitable for your case. This is a big game changer for a remote clear aligner brand because patients are now more confident that a professional has seen them prior to starting treatment. 


A hybrid of in-office and at-home treatment, more expensive, but provides 1-on-1 orthodontist support

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Who Is Behind Candid?

Founded in 2017, Candid quickly established itself as a leading digitally native direct-to-consumer (DTC) brand in the clear aligner market, serving nearly 100,000 patients within its first five years.

Initially starting as an e-commerce business, Candid expanded rapidly, launching 45 locations and numerous pop-ups across the country. However, in 2021, Candid shifted gears by introducing CandidPro, an aligner product distributed exclusively through dental professionals. By 2022, the company ceased its original operations to focus solely on in-office aligner services.

Further evolving in 2023, Candid collaborated with Philips to offer custom-made teeth whitening kits. In addition to their customer-focused services, Candid actively participates in charity work. They partner with Smile Train, allocating a portion of the proceeds from their aligner sales to aid children globally in receiving cleft lip and palate treatments.

PROs of CandidPro

  • A licensed dentist or orthodontist will screen, take scans, and do mouth examinations to ensure you are eligible for CandidPro aligners.
  • A Candid orthodontist will be assigned to design a treatment plan for you and monitor your progress until the end of the treatment.
  • No monthly office visits are required. You only need to come into the office if you have a problem.
  • Candid will provide you with a device (ScanBox Pro) you can use with your mobile phone to take clear photos of your progress easily. 
  • CandidPro aligners are eligible for mild to moderate issues.
  • Made of BPA-free, medical-grade plastic that is almost invisible. 
  • Improved aesthetics, comfort, and oral hygiene since Candid aligners are removable.
  • Kind, responsive customer service.
  • Cheaper than other in-office aligners.

CONs of CandidPro

  • At-home mouth impressions are no longer available.
  • Still requires office visits.
  • Cost varies significantly and is more pricey than other teleorthodontic brands such as Byte.
  • Not advised for those with dental implants and existing dental problems (i.e., cavities, gum problems).
  • It is not suitable for patients with severe problems.

What Are CandidPro Aligners Made Of

Candid aligners are constructed from BPA-free, medical-grade, stain-resistant plastic that has been approved by the FDA for quality and safety. Each custom-fit aligner in a Candid patient’s series is fabricated to be durable yet comfortable and is designed for invisibility thanks to the clear plastic material. This high clarity and transparency allow Candid aligners to go undetected while they apply slow, even pressure to adjust the patient’s teeth into improved alignment over time according to the prescribed treatment plan.

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A hybrid of in-office and at-home treatment that provides 1-on-1 orthodontist support.

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How Is Candid Pro Different?


Candid Pro offers a convenient blend of in-office and at-home orthodontic treatment, minimizing the need for frequent office visits. Initially, you only visit the office for the initial consultation and treatment planning. Once your treatment begins, Candid Pro’s innovative approach includes remote monitoring through CandidMonitoring™ and the CandidApp. These tools allow you to conduct check-ups from the comfort of your home.

Unique CandidMonitoring™ System

The CandidMonitoring™ System utilizes advanced AI technology to enhance the management of orthodontic treatments, focusing on aspects like tracking, hygiene, and scan compliance. This approach allows for more thorough oversight of treatment while reducing the frequency of in-office aligner consultations.

A significant feature of this system is the ScanBox Pro, an attachment for smartphones. This tool enables patients to capture detailed images of their tooth movement using their phone’s camera, which are then analyzed by the AI for accurate tracking of treatment progress.

This system has proven effective in treatment duration, with about 70% of patients using CandidMonitoring™ completing their treatment in an average of 8.5 months, typically without needing additional refinements.

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Treatment Only By Orthodontists

CandidPro differentiates itself from many other in-office clear aligner options, such as Invisalign, by offering its services exclusively through orthodontists. This approach ensures a higher quality of service for patients. Unlike some treatments that are available through both orthodontists and dentists, CandidPro’s commitment to working solely with orthodontists means that patients receive care from specialists specifically trained in tooth movement and alignment.

An added benefit of this model is the continuity of care. The same orthodontist who develops a patient’s treatment plan is also involved in tracking their progress. This is facilitated by an app provided by Candid, which allows for consistent monitoring and personalized adjustments as needed.

Patent-Pending CandidRx Tooth Movement Methodology

Candid’s patent-pending CandidRx Tooth Movement Methodology introduces a novel approach to teeth alignment known as step distalization. This technique moves teeth backward and outward to the side, effectively aligning them without the need for interproximal reduction. Interproximal reduction, often used in other orthodontic methods, involves the removal of small amounts of enamel between teeth to create space for movement, which can be time-consuming and potentially damaging to the enamel.

Teeth Whitening

In 2023, CandidPro initiated a partnership with Philips Sonicare to enhance their orthodontic treatment offerings. As part of this collaboration, CandidPro providers nationwide now include Philips Zoom Whitening as an integral component of the CandidPro Clear Aligner treatment.

Who Is a Candidate for Candid Aligners?

CandidPro clear aligners are suitable for both adults and teens, with the final decision on their suitability for teen patients resting on the clinical judgment of the dentist. Designed for a shorter orthodontic course, Candid Pro is generally recommended for milder orthodontic cases to ensure effective treatment outcomes.

The aligners are capable of treating a range of mild to moderate malocclusions, including crowding, spacing, misalignment, and protrusion. However, they are not designed for severe alignment and spacing issues, nor do they correct bite problems. This makes them an ideal choice for those who require less extensive orthodontic intervention.

How CandidPro Aligners Work

Candid Pro aligner treatment begins with a consultation with an orthodontist to determine if you’re a suitable candidate. If so, your orthodontist sends a scan of your teeth to the Candid Pro office, where advanced computers plan out the precise tooth movements needed for your desired smile. These movements are broken down into steps, with a clear plastic aligner created for each stage.

Once prepared, the full set of aligners, along with the CandidMonitoring™ tool (ScanBox Pro), is shipped to you. This tool, which connects to your smartphone, allows you to take detailed images of your tooth movement for progress tracking.

You’ll wear each aligner for at least 22 hours a day for approximately two weeks. Using the ScanBox Pro, you regularly check in and send detailed progress photos every two weeks to your orthodontist and Candid Pro. Depending on your progress, you’ll be advised when to switch to the next aligner.

After completing all the aligners, your treatment ends, giving you the straight smile you desire. The final set of aligners also serves as your first set of retainers, which should be replaced every 6 months to prevent teeth from shifting back.

How Long Does Treatment Take?

The length of the treatment depends on your specific needs, and Candid says most of their customers complete treatment in an average of 6 months. Treatment duration can be influenced by several factors, such as the level of teeth alignment problems and how long you wear your aligners daily. 

How Much Does Candid Cost?

Before they changed their business model, they offered Candid aligners for $1900, which you can pay upfront or through a monthly payment plan. However, as of August 2022, the cost of Candid aligners varies significantly depending on your case and is decided by the orthodontist who will do your initial screening. This is very similar to how Invisalign works. 

Some customers reported spending $3,500 for Candid aligners, and others paid as much as $5,000, which makes it closer to how much Invisalign costs.

Monthly plans or installments entirely depend on the dental provider you go to for your initial consultation. Some dental offices may offer payment plans, but some accept upfront payments only. So, it is best to inquire about payment plans with the dental office you plan to go to before scheduling a Candid aligner assessment. 

Does Candid Really Work?

Candid is really one of the top players when it comes to teleorthodontic companies because of the added step of seeing an expert dentist or orthodontist assess your teeth thoroughly. And because these dental professionals are experienced enough to say whether or not you are eligible for clear aligners, most reviews found online are positive and found Candid aligners effective.



A hybrid of in-office and at-home treatment that provides 1-on-1 orthodontist support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Candid offer discounts?

With Candid’s new business model, costs and discounts now depend on which CandidPro orthodontist you would go to for your initial consultation. Most of their partner dental offices post deals on social media during major holidays.

Are Candid Aligners safe?

Yes! It is the only hybrid at-home clear aligner system that requires you to see an orthodontist before moving on to full virtual monitoring at home. Most patients feel more comfortable having Candid aligners, knowing that an expert orthodontist examined their case personally. 

Does Candid accept insurance?

You will have to check with your dentist to find out if they’ll accept your insurance to cover your Candid treatment.

Does Candid fix an overbite?

Most experts won’t recommend clear aligners for overbite cases, which stays true with Candid – a company owned by an orthodontist. According to Candid’s co-owner Dr. Lynn Hurst, “Sometimes saying no to a patient may be the best thing for that patient.” Since every Candid doctor is a specialist in the area, they all agree that an overbite requires a more complex treatment that Candid aligners can’t fix.

Candid Comparison to Others

Candid stands out in the clear aligner market and has become a favorite among consumers, primarily due to its unique hybrid treatment model. This approach combines the time-saving benefits of at-home aligners with the reassurance and professional oversight of an orthodontist. Unlike other brands that offer solely remote or in-office treatments, Candid provides a balanced mix of both, ensuring constant care and guidance from orthodontic professionals throughout the treatment process.

Cost-wise, although Candid may be pricier than some exclusively remote clear aligner brands, its prices are generally more affordable than Invisalign, making it an attractive choice for those seeking a middle ground between cost and professional oversight in their orthodontic treatment.

Furthermore, Candid distinguishes itself by not offering nighttime aligners, unlike competitors such as Byte, AlignerCo, and NewSmile. Candid’s co-owner Dr. Lynn Hurst believes that lack of consistent wear with nighttime aligners can cause your teeth to shift back to their original position over the course of the day – which is very unhealthy for your gums, bone, and periodontal tissues. 

In addition to its orthodontic solutions, Candid doesn’t produce its own teeth-whitening products. Instead, they have partnered with Philips to offer the Philips Zoom Whitening Kit, a leading teeth whitening solution among dental professionals. This collaboration allows Candid to provide a high-quality whitening experience with custom trays specifically designed for this purpose, rather than using the aligners for whitening.


Candid aligners are effective for those with mild to moderate teeth alignment issues and to customers who want to be assured that their case is treatable with clear aligners by being seen initially by an expert orthodontist. 

Patients with busy lifestyles, demanding work schedules, and those who cannot commit to making time for dental office visits make excellent candidates for Candid aligners as they can track progress at home. 


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