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NewSmile, currently operating in the U.S., U.K., and Canada, is a relatively new and young at-home clear aligner provider that doesn’t require you to visit a dental office. They are one of the most affordable remote clear aligners you can get for as low as $1,495, which already includes an impression kit, whitening foam, aligners, and a set of retainers. 

Like other at-home aligners, NewSmile aims to correct mild spacing or crowding with a set of clear aligners that will move your teeth gradually to their ideal positions, giving you the stunning smile you want.


Affordable at-home treatment with positive reviews offering superior look and comfort

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Who Is Behind NewSmile?

NewSmile invisible aligners are produced by NewSmile, a company established in 2020 and headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. As a relatively young direct-to-consumer clear aligner provider, NewSmile offers budget-friendly systems shipped directly to customers in the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom markets.

In terms of oversight and compliance, NewSmile operates under a Health Canada medical device license granting them clearance to distribute digitally designed and 3D printed aligner sets prescribed through affiliated dentist networks remotely.

PROs of NewSmile

  • Cheaper pricing and monthly plan cost as compared to Byte, Candid, and Invisalign.
  • Free whitening foam and retainers with your aligners.
  • Video call with an Impression Specialist to help you in taking mouth impressions.
  • No down payment is required for their monthly plans.
  • You have two options: all-day or nighttime aligners.
  • Edges are cut in a scalloped fashion to match your gum line, which offers superior aesthetics and comfort.
  • Free, easy online assessment.
  • Good oral hygiene since you can brush and floss as you usually do.
  • Refer-a-friend Program.

CONs of NewSmile

  • Can only correct mild to moderate spacing and crowding issues.
  • No physical shops where you can go to have your teeth scanned.
  • Doing a mouth impression by yourself can be challenging.
  • Mixed customer reviews.

What Are NewSmile Aligners Made Of

NewSmile Aligners are crafted from a type of clear plastic that’s free from BPA and latex. This choice of material makes them a safe option for those who might be concerned about these substances, while also maintaining the aligners’ nearly invisible appearance when worn.

How Is NewSmile Different?

NewSmile offers an affordable option in the orthodontic market with its at-home aligners that are directed by dentists, costing significantly less than traditional braces. They combine the convenience of home treatment with professional oversight, as they provide dental monitoring through telehealth services from licensed dentists.

NewSmile is known for being budget-friendly and for offering a relatively quick treatment duration of 4 to 6 months. They ease the initial stages of treatment by offering assistance through video calls with an Impression Specialist, helping customers accurately take dental impressions at home.

The package from NewSmile includes additional benefits like retainers and whitening treatments, enhancing the overall value of their offering.

Their commitment to customer satisfaction is highlighted by the NewSmile Guarantee, which promises a full refund if a customer is not a suitable candidate for their aligners.


How NewSmile Aligners Work

You can start your NewSmile journey with a free online assessment on their website. You simply need to answer a few questions such as, “Did you have braces before?” and “How does your smile look?” and attach an image of your smile for an initial assessment. 

A NewSmile team member will get in touch regarding the results. If you want to push through with a more detailed assessment or treatment, you can purchase either the Fast Track package (includes impression kit, treatment preview, invisible aligners, whitening, and retainers) or just the Impression Kit + Treatment Preview. 

Once the impression kit is delivered, you can schedule a video call with their Impression Specialist to help you with taking mouth impressions. Having an Impression Specialist is amazing since most customer feedback from other remote aligner brands tells how hard it is to take impressions at home. Then, you will have to send back your mouth impressions to the NewSmile office and have their resident dentists and orthodontists assess your case. 

If you are an ideal candidate for NewSmile aligners, your aligners will be delivered to you. And if you are not eligible for clear aligners, NewSmile will refund your whole payment.

Once approved, the custom-made clear aligner sets get delivered and worn for an average of 4-6 months daytime or 8-10 months nighttime, changed every 2-3 weeks. Patients track progress through the NewSmile app.

Upon completing the prescribed aligner series, patients use a free set of custom retainers intended for all-day wear initially, then transitioning to nights-only after 6 months allowing teeth to stabilize.

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NewSmile Clear Aligners

NewSmile Clear Aligners are their all-day aligners that should be worn for at least 22 hours daily. Customers love the aligners’ scalloped edges that mimic the gum line, which makes them more discreet and comfortable to be worn all day. 

This is the quickest way to get the smile you love since the aligners are working on moving your teeth to their ideal positions almost the whole day! NewSmile aligners are removable, which facilitates good oral hygiene. As mentioned in a study published in the Turkish Journal of Orthodontics in 2019, fixed appliances and wires made plaque control difficult, making braces treatment a predisposing factor for gum diseases.

Worth Knowing

The study published on PubMed Central reveals that a significant number of adults favor discreet orthodontic solutions like aligners or lingual braces.

Night Aligners

Don’t want anyone to know you are doing something with your smile? 

NewSmile is one of the remote clear aligner brands that offer nighttime aligners suitable for patients who prefer a more discreet way to improve their smile. NewSmile Night Aligners are required to be worn for at least 10 hours every night. You do not have to worry about removing and putting back your aligners when eating, drinking, and brushing your teeth during daytime.

But before you decide on giving it a go, you should take note that nighttime aligners can slow down your treatment, as the longer you go without them each day, the more your teeth shift.

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How Long Does Treatment Take?

The length of treatment with NewSmile aligners varies depending on the individual’s specific dental needs and the type of aligners chosen. For day aligners, typically worn for about 22 hours per day, the treatment duration is usually between 4 to 6 months. In contrast, night aligners, which should be worn for at least 10 continuous hours each night, have a longer treatment period, generally ranging from 8 to 10 months.

Regardless of the type, aligners should be changed every two to three weeks. It’s important to adhere to this schedule for the treatment to be effective. If, for any reason, the aligners are left out for a prolonged period, it’s recommended to go back to the last set that fit well. You should wear these for an additional two weeks before continuing with the treatment plan.

To assist with adherence to the treatment schedule and ensure timely completion, NewSmile™ offers a Monitoring App. This tool, available for smartphones, allows patients to track their progress and stay on track with their aligner changes, helping them achieve their desired results within the estimated treatment time.

How Much Does NewSmile Cost?

You have the option to start your NewSmile journey with the Fast Track option and pay upfront for only $1,595 (all-day aligners) or $1,695 (night aligners) – cheaper than Byte, Candid, and Invisalign. It already includes an impression kit, treatment preview, clear aligners, whitening foam, and retainers. 

NewSmile also offers competitive pricing for monthly plans with no down payment required. For NewSmile Clear Aligners, you will have to pay $58/month for 36 months for a total of $2,088, and for Night Aligners, $61/month for 36 months for a total of $2,196. 

For a more cautious buyer, you can purchase the NewSmile Preview Plan for $49, which includes an impression kit and a 3D preview of your treatment plan. If you agree to proceed with the treatment, you will only have to pay for the aligners. If your case is not suitable for clear aligners, your payment will be refunded. 

Does NewSmile Really Work?

In most cases, NewSmile clear aligners were effective in correcting mild to moderate teeth alignment issues. Though NewSmile doesn’t have as many reviews as its competitors (i.e. Candid), most of the feedback online is positive. 

Many patients love that their aligners are high-quality, effective, and comfortable. There are some negative reviews, but they mainly point out the long waiting time for their aligners to arrive. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does NewSmile offer discounts?

Yes! If you serve in the military, you can get $100 off. They have also partnered with some review sites and pages that offer discount codes for NewSmile purchases. In addition, you may see seasonal promo codes at the top of their website. They currently offer $100 off if you use the promo code SMILETIME. 

They also have a Refer-a-Friend Program where you can get $100 off when your friends buy from your invite link. 

Are NewSmile Aligners safe?

NewSmile aligners are relatively new to the market but have already gotten a lot of love from their customers. Clear aligners are a safe and effective way to correct mild to moderate teeth alignment issues. 
Clear aligners are safe to be monitored remotely because, unlike metal braces, there are no metal components that may be poking your cheeks or mouth. 

Does NewSmile accept insurance?

If your insurance has orthodontic coverage, you may have a portion of your NewSmile treatment cost reimbursed. You have to contact NewSmile to see if you’re eligible, as they don’t have a list of partnered insurance companies or an online eligibility check tool like the other at-home clear aligner providers. In addition, they also accept HSA and FSA payments. 

Does NewSmile fix overbite?

Like any other at-home clear aligners, NewSmile aligners are unsuitable for overbite, underbite, and open bite cases, requiring a more complex orthodontic treatment. According to the study published in the Turkish Journal of Orthodontics in 2019, complex cases can be treated with clear aligners but require auxiliary appliances (i.e., teeth attachments) and frequent in-office monitoring to ensure your orthodontist can make adjustments as soon as the treatment deviates from what is expected.

NewSmile Comparison to Others

NewSmile is relatively new compared to its competitors like Byte, and Candid, but it has been getting traction online because of all the positive feedback about the effectiveness of the treatment. We couldn’t find any negative reviews of overtreatment or experiencing dental problems after wearing NewSmile aligners. 

Unlike its competitors, NewSmile is the only at-home clear aligner company offering monthly plans without needing a downpayment. Whether you pay upfront or monthly, NewSmile is even cheaper than the other brands like Byte, SDC, and Candid. 

And did we mention NewSmile is significantly more affordable and has a shorter treatment time (only 4-6 months on average) compared to Invisalign? However, it should be noted that although Invisalign may take years of treatment, Invisalign can correct severe cases, thus requiring longer treatment time. In a study by Khosravi et al., they indicated that Invisalign was relatively successful in managing overbites.



Affordable at-home treatment with positive reviews offering superior look and comfort.

Check out NewSmile Aligners


Overall, we are amazed at NewSmile’s presence. They are indeed one of the most competitive teleorthodontic players in the market, with overwhelmingly positive reviews and very few complaints, mainly about delivery delays –which is understandable due to the current supply chain issues.

It is highly recommended for patients who want to achieve their dream smile in a discreet, affordable, and comfortable way. 


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