Is Byte Worth It? – Review of Byte Clear Aligners

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The evolution of clear aligner therapy has revolutionized aesthetic dentistry and orthodontics, which increased the number of patients keen to get their teeth straightened. And in a world where you can get pretty much everything online, it is no surprise that you can start your clear aligners journey without visiting your dentist, just like Byte Aligners. 

According to a survey by Dusseja et al., almost 70.7% of respondents were unwilling to visit dental clinics during the COVID-19 pandemic, and 80.5% of the participants were in favor of teledentistry to resolve their dental problems.


An affordable option with refundable impression kits, free HyperByte, and Byte for Life guarantee

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What Are Byte Aligners?

Byte Aligners are at-home clear aligner therapy suitable for patients looking at straightening their teeth conveniently in the comforts of their home. They are ideal for patients with mild to moderate spacing and crowding issues. Byte connects you with a skilled network of licensed dentists and orthodontists across the U.S. to create a treatment plan, oversee your treatment, and help you get your dream smile. 

Who Is Behind Byte?

Byte clear aligners are produced by Byte, a company founded in 2017 that specializes in direct-to-consumer orthodontics. Created by serial entrepreneurs Scott Cohen and Blake Johnson, Byte sells custom-fit clear aligner treatment plans directly to patients online, without requiring in-office visits.

After seeing rapid growth following its launch in 2019, Byte was acquired by Dentsply Sirona in 2021. This acquisition brought Byte into a portfolio that also includes SureSmile, a doctor-directed clear aligner system. 

As an over 100-year leader in oral health solutions, Dentsply Sirona provided the resources and industry expertise to support Byte’s continued expansion in the clear aligner space through an accessible, convenient model.

Beyond its commercial success, Byte actively engages in social responsibility through the ByteCares program. This initiative is committed to providing free oral care, fostering educational and career development, and advancing sustainability efforts. With a significant goal for 2025, Byte aspires to enhance the smiles of 50,000 people who lack access to oral healthcare, reflecting its dedication to community well-being and positive change in the realm of oral health.



An affordable option with refundable impression kits, free HyperByte, and a Byte for Life guarantee.

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Pros of Byte Aligners

  • Supplied by Dentsply Sirona, a leader in oral hygiene, Byte is part of a portfolio that also includes SureSmile aligners.
  • At-home aligners but with a doctor-directed approach.
  • You can get your clear aligners without visiting a dentist or orthodontist.
  • You can take impressions of your mouth at home.
  • Track your progress by checking your doctor-directed treatment plan online.
  • Made of thin, BPA-free, medical-grade plastic that is almost invisible to the naked eye. 
  • More comfortable since there are no metal components.
  • Faster treatment time. It takes four to six months to correct bite problems with Byte Aligners.
  • With the aligners, you also receive BrightByte Whitening and Cleaning Foam that allows patients to whiten their teeth using their aligners as whitening trays.
  • Byte’s HyperByte device helps to lessen discomfort and may speed up treatment by up to 4 months.
  • You will be able to visualize what your smile would look like after your treatment with Byte Aligners with a 3D simulation. 
  • With the Byte for Life Guarantee, if your smile moves out of alignment at any time after your treatment with Byte aligners, you’ll get additional impression kits, new treatment plans, and aligners to help correct any misalignment issues at no additional cost. 

Cons of Byte Aligners

  • It is not suitable for patients with severe crowding and bite problems.
  • Byte cannot fully correct an overbite, underbite, or open bite, which would require attachments, rubber bands, expanders, and in some cases, jaw surgery. 
  • Taking mouth impressions at home might be tricky for some people.
  • Not suitable for children ages 11 and below.
  • Slow customer service and response times.

What Are Byte Aligners Made Of

Byte Aligners are constructed from a BPA-free, medical-grade polymer film that is highly transparent. This cutting-edge material is chosen for its smoothness and durability, ensuring a comfortable and effective orthodontic experience. Despite their clear appearance, Byte Aligners are designed to be high-impact and tear-resistant.

How Is Byte Different?

As a company shipping custom-fit clear aligners directly to patients’ homes, Byte differentiates itself first and foremost through its direct-to-consumer e-commerce model eliminating the need for in-office visits and oversight during treatment. Instead, ByteAligner plans provide the convenience and accessibility of an aligner therapy solution administered entirely on patients’ own schedules.

Yet despite the at-home format, Byte treatment still receives input from licensed dentists or orthodontists who review the proposed aligner sequence formulated for the individual case. Moreover, a remote team of specialists monitors and oversees treatment progress through regular telehealth check-ins.

Byte also includes their proprietary HyperByte device used in conjunction with the custom aligners. Through soft micropulses transmitting through teeth to the underlying bone, HyperByte technology aims to dampen discomfort frequently associated with orthodontic movement while also accelerating the pace of progress and shortening the treatment time up to 4 months.

BrightByte is another product you can use while undergoing Byte Aligners treatment. It is a whitening and cleaning foam in one where you can use your aligners as a whitening tray to whiten teeth without visiting the dental office. Patients love it because they can achieve a bright smile while straightening their teeth. 

Extending beyond treatment itself, one of Byte’s prime differentiators lies in their Byte for Life guarantee providing warranty coverage for post-correction relapse through additional aligner sets and retainers as needed to re-achieve and preserve straightened smiles.

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Who Is a Candidate for Byte Aligners?

Byte Aligners are intended for people aged 12 and older who have all their permanent teeth. If someone is under 18, parental consent is necessary. These aligners are effective for addressing minor to moderate dental alignment issues, such as spacing, crowding, or slightly crooked teeth. They are not used for moving molars, but they might be used for adjusting premolars in some cases. Therefore, for more significant dental concerns like pronounced overbites, underbites, or crossbites, Byte Aligners may not be entirely suitable. These complex issues often require more extensive orthodontic approaches, including traditional braces, special bands, or possibly surgery. Byte Aligners, however, can sometimes improve the appearance of an overbite by aligning the front teeth.

Types of Byte Aligners

Byte aligners come in two types: all-day aligners and at-night aligners.

Byte All-Day Aligners

All-day aligners should be worn for at least 22 hours daily to maximize their effect and deliver fast results. They should be removed only for eating and drinking to prevent breakage or deformation. It’s important to wear them consistently, seven days a week.

This plan is perfect for those who want faster results and don’t mind wearing clear aligners during the day. Some professionals prefer these as Byte aligners are discreet and don’t really affect their speech. 

Byte At-Night Aligners

In contrast, Byte at-night aligners are perfect for patients who want to conveniently straighten their teeth while sleeping and should be worn for at least 10 hours every night. At-night aligners are more expensive than all-day aligners but are ideal for people with a busy lifestyle who don’t want the hassle of removing aligners when eating during the day. 

Remember that your aligners will only work on your teeth when wearing them. So, if you have extra time during the day to wear your aligners, that will be great too! You should wear each set of aligners for at least seven nights before moving on to the next set. If you’ve been wearing a set for seven days, but it feels like the next set doesn’t fit, it could mean that you have not been wearing your at-night aligners for the required time each night, and you should contact the clinical team. 

It is worth noting that some orthodontists don’t recommend nighttime aligners as patients may never experience the light continuous force necessary for effective healthy tooth movement. According to Dr. Lynn Hurst, Candid Aligners founder, and an orthodontist, without a longer and more consistent wear schedule, your teeth can be left in a limbo state of inflammation. 

How Do Byte Aligners Work?

Byte Aligners use a series of clear aligners to move your teeth to their ideal positions gradually. The process starts by taking impressions of your upper and lower jaw with the at-home impression kit that will be sent to you. Dentists and orthodontists will then analyze your impressions if you are a good candidate for Byte treatment and design a personalized treatment plan. If you’re not, they’ll refund the full price of the impression kit. To ensure Byte aligner is a good option for you, the company will provide you with a 3D preview of how your teeth will look post-treatment. If you like what you see, your set of clear aligners will be mailed to you, and you can track progress via the MyByte App. 

Once treatment is completed, a set of retainers will be provided to help keep the smile you worked hard for in place. 

How Long Does Treatment Take?

Treatment time varies for every case, but the average treatment plan is 3-4 months and relies on how many hours you use your clear aligners daily. Some patients reported longer treatment time for at-night aligners and those who have worn their aligners for shorter than recommended hours of daily wear. 

How Much Does Byte Cost?

The Byte All-Day Aligner System is $1,999, while the At-Night Aligner System is $2,399. It also includes a HyperByte teeth movement accelerator and BrightByte teeth whitener. 

You also need to pay $95 for the Byte Impression Kit ($29.95 with our link), which is refundable if the Byte team determines you’re not a candidate for clear aligners. 

Instead of the one-time payment, you may opt to pay monthly with their monthly plans. For all-day aligners, a monthly fee is $74 for 36 months. And for at-night aligners, a monthly fee is $88 for 36 months. 

Worth Knowing

The survey published in the Journal of the American Dental Association shows that a large majority of respondents (87.5%) were satisfied with their direct-to-consumer (DTC) orthodontic treatment, highlighting the positive impact and effectiveness of these services. However, it’s noted that a small fraction (6.6%) experienced significant adverse effects necessitating professional dental consultation.

Can Byte Aligners Be Covered by Insurance?

Byte Aligners may be covered by your insurance if your dental plan includes orthodontic benefits. You’ll need to pay for your aligners upfront, as Byte doesn’t accept direct payments from insurance companies. However, they can provide you with the necessary forms to file a claim with your insurance company for reimbursement.

Additionally, Byte makes it easy for those with a Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA). You can use your HSA/FSA debit card just like any other credit card to pay for your aligners.

Byte also offers special plans for veterans and students. They provide a military discount as a way of showing appreciation and support for veterans and the military community. Students can also benefit from a discount, making Byte Aligners more accessible to a wider range of individuals.

Does Byte Really Work? 

Absolutely! Thousands of people left positive reviews on Byte’s website and other review sites after completing their Byte treatments. Some customers have left reviews during week nine and up, stating they can see progress on how straight their teeth look and are excited to complete the treatment. 

Many of the top reviewers praised Byte for speedy delivery, the soothing effect of HyperByte, and outstanding results in as short as three months!



An affordable option with refundable impression kits, free HyperByte, and a Byte for Life guarantee.

Check out Byte Aligners

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does Byte offer discounts?

    They offer regular discounts on their website, such as the impression kit discount from $95 to $24.95 using this link. Check Byte’s site during significant holidays, Black Friday, New Year’s, and more to get seasonal discounts of $100-200 off. 

    They also offer a $150 discount to veterans, military, and students.

  2. Are Byte Aligners safe?

    While it may look daunting, at-home aligners are relatively safe. Licensed dentists and orthodontists are working with Byte to ensure your treatment plan is tailored to fit you. Unlike metal braces, there isn’t any risk of poking or dislodging metal components in your mouth with a clear aligners system.

  3. Does Byte accept insurance?

    Byte accepts health savings accounts (HSA) or flexible spending accounts (FSA) payments. They also partnered with insurance companies like Empire, Anthem, Aetna, and Guardian to cover Byte fees. 

    Byte financial specialists can also help determine if your insurance covers at-home aligners. And if you’re eligible, they will do all the paperwork for you! 

  4. Does Byte fix overbite?

    Byte aligners can only help lessen the appearance of an overbite but not fully correct it. Cases like overbite, underbite, and crossbite require a more complex treatment with other orthodontic treatments.

Byte Comparison to Others

Byte is competing with Candid and Invisalign, two of the most popular clear aligner treatments. Although, unlike Byte, Candid and Invisalign require you to visit a dentist or an orthodontist who will take your scans, monitor your progress, and work with you throughout your treatment. Not to mention Candid and Invisalign are way more expensive than Byte. 

A study published in the Journal of Dental Research and Reports by Ackerman showed that teleorthodontic treatment modality costs 40% less for the patient than the cost of similar in-office orthodontic treatment, which is a big buying factor for many patients.


All in all, Byte is a good option if you want to straighten your teeth conveniently at home and don’t want to go to a dental office. However, it is only recommended to people with mild to moderate crowding or those with minor aesthetic concerns about their smiles. It would never correct any severe bite problems that require complex orthodontic treatments.


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