Braces By Mail

Braces By Mail
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What are Braces by Mail?

Straightening your teeth has long been a cornerstone of dental care, with many patients visiting their local clinic to get the process started.  From start to finish, dentists are equipped and ready to help you achieve that perfect smile.

However, mail-order teeth straightening products are revolutionizing the way patients straighten their teeth, providing an easy and convenient solution – all from the comfort of their own homes. They are especially a great solution for those with busy lives that do not have the time to make physical dental appointments to undertake a straightening teeth program.

Braces by mail are in essence clear aligners that can be ordered online and sent directly in the post, allowing patients to correct teeth issues without the need to step into a dentist’s office. 

Patients order their aligners online and perform their own teeth indentation which can be sent to the supplier to then receive the aligners back in the mail.

How Does it Work? Is it Safe?

Mail-Order aligners (Braces by Mail) are a unique way to achieve teeth straightening with minimum hassles.

Traditionally if you wanted to have your teeth straightened you would arrange a consultation with your orthodontist and then have repeat appointments to get scans and impressions completed of your teeth, followed by an appointment for fitting braces or other types of teeth straightening solutions.

In addition to this, you would need to go back for regular appointments to have checkups or have braces adjusted in line with the progress of the teeth straightening.

The benefit of mail-order braces is that they require no appointments and any treatment schedules can be done 100% remotely meaning much less impact on lifestyle.

The process of mail-order braces (aligners) is a brief online assessment that ascertains if you are a candidate for getting an aligner.  If so, you will be sent a 3D Scanning and impressions kit to self-complete at home.  Once you send these off you will receive an aligner in the mail and then have some remote dental appointments to confirm the aligners are working correctly.

It is safe to use Mail-order products but this should only be done with certified companies.  Many mail-order aligner product companies offer risk-free trials so you can try before fully committing to be sure that aligners will work for you. These products are sent by recorded mail so that they are guaranteed to arrive safely.

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The Pros and Cons of Aligners by Mail


There are several benefits to receiving your aligners by mail.

There is pretty much no hassle or time wasted in arranging to get teeth straightening products.  You need to take a brief online test, self-perform teeth indentation, send the results off in the mail, and then receive the aligner.

All in all, this is a process that saves a lot of time versus arranging physical appointments where you will need to take time out of your employment or daily routine to attend them at the beginning and throughout the treatment.

The cost of arranging mail-order aligners is minimal versus more traditional methods.

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Ordering your teeth straightening products by mail means that you will not be receiving very specific treatment that you may need and would normally be advised by a physical appointment with a dental professional.

You have very limited options in terms of what product type to use as by mail you will only be able to get aligners.  Your dental professional may want you to undertake your teeth straightening plan with braces or other dental procedures, which would not be possible in the mail.

With mail-order, you may not always get that personal touch in terms of service levels.  Any issues that occur with the condition of the product or if you need any repairs or replacements will be harder to arrange.

The Australian Society of Orthodontists states in an article on their website that the DIY teeth straightening process might not involve in-person consultations with a qualified orthodontist before the commencement of treatment or any face-to-face supervision during treatment, so things can go wrong.

Tips – How to Avoid Making the Wrong Choice:

Choose Only Verified Companies

When selecting your mail-order aligner make sure you only arrange it with a company online that is certified to supply them.  You should also check customer reviews to see what other people say about their order experience.

Here are some reviews of certified companies that will assist you with opting for the right mail-order partner:

Byte Review – The best selection and also the most affordable option. Byte offers a lifetime guarantee for your peace of mind and includes a free HyperBite and teeth whitening kit with every purchase. Byte also allows you to check your treatment progress and plan online.

SmileDirectClub Review – The popular choice amongst patients this invisible aligner has a lifetime guarantee and a free one-time replacement policy. SmileDirectClub offers the best in-person 3D scanning to ensure the best fit for your aligner if you want assistance with taking impressions of your mouth.

Candid Review – The most similar to Invisalign Aligners Candid has excellent customer reviews. A Candid specialist is assigned to you to assist you virtually throughout your treatment.

Choose Treatment with Expert Orthodontist Care

When choosing a mail-order company for your teeth straightening treatment make sure you use one that offers the best treatment options and follow-up care.

Despite ordering them online it is still recommended to receive online care and advice, so choose a company that offers more than just the aligner itself.

Several companies have proven service history and reviews that are highly recommended for your mail-order aligner purchase.  Here are some suggestions that include customer reviews on their service and products:

NewSmile Review – They offer invisible aligners that come with premium aesthetics and include both a free teeth whitening kit and a retainer.  They also offer a video call with a specialist who will assist you with taking mouth impressions and a free online assessment.

ALIGNERCO – The cheapest invisible aligner on offer with a zero deposit option on a monthly payment plan.  They offer 24/7 live chat support should you have any questions about your aligner or treatment.

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Before Aligners Check and Treat your Teeth

Before considering aligners for your dental care, make sure to discuss the best options with a professional.  Taking time to research and consult can ensure that you are making an informed decision about what’s right for your oral health needs.

Before ordering them online make sure you have had your teeth and gums properly assessed by a dental professional and that any necessary treatments have been addressed.

Failure to have regular check-ups beforehand or to wear aligners without being sure that you need them is not recommended.

Take Care of Dental Hygiene During the Treatment

Maintaining good oral hygiene is essential for a successful outcome in your teeth straightening plan when wearing an aligner.

Make sure to brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss regularly, as well as use mouthwash when possible – these simple steps help ensure that you have the best results from your orthodontic journey.

Also, adhere to the rules set out by your orthodontist about wearing aligners including avoiding consuming any food or beverages when wearing them aside from cold water.

Use a Retainer After the Treatment

Once you have completed your teeth straightening treatment you will need to make sure the teeth remain in their new position.

Most orthodontists recommend investing in retainers after completing any kind of dental alignment.  By wearing a retainer, patients can help protect their newfound smiles from shifting out of place due to natural causes like age or tooth erosion.

Retainers are also important for maintaining good oral hygiene habits because braces may have made brushing difficult during active treatment, setting up proper cleaning routines afterward has become all the more essential for long-term success!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Mail-Order Aligners Worth it?

Mail-order aligners are a more affordable and convenient solution for those seeking to straighten their teeth without having to commit to the prolonged duration and cost of more traditional orthodontic treatments.

A mail-order aligner is worth it but only if your dental case allows for it.

Do Mail-Order Aligners Work?

Yes, but it is essential that if the desired results are achieved and maintained that the instructions are followed properly. You must also check with a qualified orthodontist that aligners are the best solution for your situation.

Can I Get Aligners by Mail?

Many companies offer at-home orthodontic treatments involving remote consultations with certified orthodontists and deliver custom aligners in the mail straight to your door.

Receiving aligners by mail can be an efficient way to treat malocclusions without having to take time out of your schedule for physical appointments and treatments.






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