Drinking with Aligners

Drinking With Aligners
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If you are one of the millions of people who wear aligners to straighten their teeth, you may be wondering if it is safe to drink whilst wearing them. This article will give you advice on drinking with aligners so that you can make the best choice to keep your smile looking its best!

Can You Drink with Aligners?

Aligners give many the confidence to finally address problematic teeth alignment issues but it is important to remember to maintain proper oral hygiene when using them.

Aligners should not be worn while drinking beverages such as coffee, tea, or soda as these drinks can stain and also cause a buildup of bacteria in the aligners’ crevices.

If you do choose to drink while wearing aligners, it is best to opt for plain water as other options could potentially harm your aligners and teeth over time.

Can You Drink Water with Aligners?

It is safe to drink cold or warm water with aligners, but not sparkling water as it can damage them due to the carbonation. Also, hot water should be avoided as it can warp the plastic material and cause them to not fit correctly.

Keeping hydrated is an important part of wearing aligners, so make sure you drink plenty of cold or warm water while they are in.

Can You Drink Coffee or Tea with Aligners?

It is strongly recommended to avoid drinking any hot drink when wearing your aligners and to limit overall consumption whilst you are on a program of teeth straightening that involves wearing one.

The heat that comes from hot drinks like coffee or tea can cause damage to the aligner by distorting its shape, causing it to no longer fit properly. Avoiding hot drinks will help ensure the alignment treatment is completed without issue.

Coffee has an especially strong staining power because of its tannins and other additives that can leave permanent discoloration or yellowing on the aligners, despite any efforts to clean them off.

Unlike teeth, which can be easily cleaned with a toothbrush, the porous material in aligners is vulnerable to penetration.

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Can You Drink Soda with Aligners?

It is important to remember that it is not recommended to drink soda or any type of sugary drink when wearing aligners.

Sugary drinks can cause significant damage to the aligners, potentially leading to discoloration and loss of the intended effect. Additionally, soda can damage the enamel on your teeth, making cavities and other oral problems much more likely.

It is therefore advised that those wearing aligners stick to drinking water when possible – the health benefits are plentiful and your aligner will keep doing what it should do effectively.

Can You Drink Alcohol?

Alcohol can cause irritation and discoloration in the mouth and can lead to more unsightly alignment results.  Furthermore, it can weaken aligner adhesive, causing them to slip off or break which stalls progress in your orthodontic treatment.

Remove your aligner before you drink alcohol and brush your teeth afterwards before wearing the aligner again to wash away any particles that may cause issues.

What to do if you Can’t Remove your Aligners Before Drinking?

You need to wear your aligner for 20-22 hours a day which may pose an issue if you are out for an Evening and have to wear them whilst eating and drinking to fulfill the length of time required for your teeth straightening program.

If you can’t remove your aligners before drinking, there are a few precautionary steps you can take. First and foremost, only consider drinking clear beverages – anything that could potentially stain should be avoided. This includes avoiding any carbonated drinks such as soda.

Secondly, using a straw in these situations is the best option as this can reduce the amount of liquid that touches the aligner and teeth.

As soon as possible you should rinse your mouth with water and ensure you brush your teeth thoroughly to remove any unnecessary fluid and other debris that might cause irritation or the degradation of your aligner.


Don’t Drink with Aligners on

Removing aligners before drinking is an important part of oral care while undergoing orthodontic treatment. When aligners are left on, sugary and acidic beverages like soda or juice may cause discolouration or staining.

Drinking hot drinks whilst wearing aligners will cause them to change shape and mean that you will need to replace them which is an expense that can and should be avoided.

Always Have Your Case With you

Having an aligner case with you at all times is the best way to ensure your dental hygiene is at its highest. By carrying an aligner case, you not only make sure that your aligners stay clean and safe, but you also have a place to store them when eating or drinking hot beverages.

Furthermore, having a case for your aligners will help make sure that they don’t get misplaced or lost.

Rinse or Brush your Teeth After Drinking

Keeping your aligners clean and free of particles is the key to proper teeth alignment. If you’ve just been drinking something, it’s always better to rinse your mouth with water to avoid leaving behind any residue.

In addition, try to use a toothbrush if possible as this helps rid your aligner of any food particles that can cause discoloration or irritation.

An article from the National Library of Medicine states that aligners can support the development of biofilms which can lead to the deterioration of oral health so there is a huge importance to maintaining a consistent cleaning plan, particularly after the consumption of beverages and food.

Let Hot Drinks Cool Down

If you are drinking hot drinks it is highly recommended that you allow the drink to cool down so that you avoid any issues with the drink melting or warping your aligner.

Reviews of best aligners

Invisible aligners are the preferred option for those undergoing teeth straightening treatment as they are discreet, affordable and comfortable.

See some of the best ones including reviews from customers here:

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SmileDirectClub Review – The most popular aligner has a lifetime guarantee and is the best for 3D scanning. A free one-time replacement is also included.

Candid Review – The most similar to Invisalign aligners and has very positive reviews from users. This product also has a hybrid in-office care procedure too.

ALIGNERCO – The lowest priced option that has a zero deposit monthly payment plan available. Seasonal discounts for aligner packages exist from as little as $945.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Drink with a Straw when Wearing Aligners?

Drinking anything other than water with aligners is to be avoided but if you cannot avoid it using a straw is the best option.

A straw will take a large amount of liquid away from both your teeth and aligners versus drinking directly from a glass or cup so it can reduce warping and staining. However, care should still be taken as misusing straws can affect the fit of your aligner.

Can I Drink Alcohol with a Straw While Wearing Aligners?

It is not recommended to drink alcohol at all when wearing aligners, including doing so but using a straw.

Alcohol can cause the material that makes the aligners to wear down at a faster rate and lead to discoloration that cannot be reversed.

Should I Take Aligners Out While Drinking?

Aligners should always be removed before drinking colored liquids or acidic beverages like wine, coffee, or sodas.

Not only can drinks cause discoloration of the aligner material, but the acids can also damage their structural integrity.

If you do drink anything other than water with your aligners in you should remove and clean them as soon as possible after consumption.




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