Orthodontist Coupons: Ways to Save Money on Aligners

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Are Orthodontist Prices Negotiable?

Orthodontic treatment is a highly specialized area of dentistry that requires significant training and expertise. Orthodontists invest a great deal of time and resources into their education and ongoing professional development to provide patients with the best possible care. As a result, orthodontic prices are typically not negotiable, as they reflect the value of the specialized services provided. While some orthodontic offices may offer payment plans or other financial assistance programs, the overall cost of treatment is unlikely to be subject to negotiation. 

While the cost of orthodontic treatment may not be negotiable, patients do have options when it comes to the type of treatment they choose. One such option is clear aligners, which can be a more cost-effective alternative to traditional braces. 

While they may offer greater convenience and aesthetic appeal, clear aligners can still be a significant investment. Fortunately, there are several ways to save money on clear aligners without compromising on the quality of care. 

This article will delve into various strategies to reduce the cost of clear aligners, including exploring discounts and promotions offered by clear aligner companies.

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Ways to Save Money on Aligners

Full Payment in Advance

One great way to save money on aligners is by paying for them in full at the start of treatment.

Many aligner providers have special pricing for those who are willing to pay in advance and even offer lower rates than those that require monthly payments. When you pay in full upfront, you will also avoid any additional interest or financing charges that could be incurred if payment plans are chosen.

Newsletter Offers

There are several ways to save money on clear aligners with the help of newsletter offers, particularly if you sign up for a mailing list.

In addition to discounts and special promotions, many clear aligner providers will send out emails with helpful advice, such as how to be proactive during cleaning teeth or when dealing with certain dental issues.

Through newsletters, you can also receive tips on how to optimize your treatments and stay informed on the latest developments in orthodontics.

Social Media Discounts

Most clear aligner providers offer certain discounts or incentives if you follow them and stay up-to-date on their social media posts or offer a special deal for liking or sharing one of their posts.

Not only can you take advantage of an awesome discount, but you’ll also benefit from staying connected to the orthodontic community.

Third-Party Coupons

One of the best ways to save money is to use a third-party coupon. These coupons typically offer deep discounts and other special offers that you won’t find simply by going straight to the website.

All it takes is a few minutes of research online or in magazines and you can easily come up with great deals for all kinds of orthodontic services, from teeth whitening to clear aligners and more.


Groupon works closely with clear aligner providers around the country, offering exclusive discounts and deals on teeth straightening solutions such as Invisalign or other clear braces.

There are a variety of price points and package options available, making sure that everyone gets exactly what they need at a budget-friendly rate.

Furthermore, these offers often come with other perks such as discounts on retainers or whitening treatments, allowing patients to get extra services for less.

Holiday Discounts (Memorial Day, New Year, etc.)

The holiday season is a great time to buy clear aligners as many providers offer discounts during this festive season. It’s always worth taking the time to research different providers and their holiday deals, especially if you have the potential to find savings around the holidays.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

These days usually come with amazing deals that can help you save on treatments such as clear aligners, retainers, and more. It’s important to check the aligner providers’ websites during these events to see what kind of specials they may be offering so you don’t miss out on any savings.

Some providers even offer discounts for referring a friend or family member for treatment or for upgrading to a certain orthodontic service during these deal days.

Discounts Offered by Clear Aligner Providers

Clear aligner providers offer a range of promotions and offers to help make their products more affordable for patients. Some providers offer a discount on the initial consultation fee or the entire treatment plan, while others offer free teeth whitening kits or complementary retainers. You can learn about the specific promotions offered by individual providers below.

AlignerCo Discounts

AlignerCo is a clear aligner provider that offers several discounts and coupon options to make their aligners more accessible to customers. For military professionals, both active and retired, AlignerCo offers an additional $50 discount on top of their ongoing promotions. Students can also take advantage of a $50 discount on any promotional prices.

AlignerCo also offers referral bonuses where customers can earn cash and discounts for themselves and their friends. By referring a friend, customers can receive $50 in cash while their friends will receive a $25 discount on their AlignerCo purchase.

For customers who are looking to purchase retainers in bulk, AlignerCo offers a discount on these products as well. 

In addition to these ongoing discounts, AlignerCo also offers ad-hoc voucher promotions to everyone. These vouchers typically provide $25 off of purchases, and customers can find them under the coupons tab on the AlignerCo website. Customers can also keep an eye out for special promotions that are available on holidays such as Black Friday and other major holidays throughout the year.

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Byte Discounts

Byte provides seasonal discounts on occasions such as Black Friday and Memorial Day, giving customers an excellent opportunity to get their desired orthodontic treatment at a reduced price. These discounts can be as much as 25% off the regular price, making it an ideal option for people who want to save some money while still getting high-quality treatment.

Additionally, they also have regular discount coupons available on Groupon. These coupons can provide customers with up to $200 off their Byte products, including invisible aligners and other orthodontic treatments. 

In recognition of the sacrifices made by military personnel, Byte offers a special discount to active or retired military personnel. These individuals can enjoy a $150 discount on all of Byte’s invisible aligner products. However, this offer is only valid for a one-time payment and is not available to customers using a monthly payment plan.

Finally, Byte also offers some discounts to students, although they may vary over time. If you are a student interested in Byte’s orthodontic treatment options, you can email the company directly to confirm the current student discount.

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NewSmile Discounts

NewSmile offers a special discount of $100 off the lowest advertised price for their products to all active and retired military personnel. Apart from the military discount, NewSmile also offers various ad-hoc offers and coupons that change frequently. These coupons and promotions can be found on the NewSmile website, as well as on their social media channels, so it’s important to keep an eye out for them. 

In addition to NewSmile’s promotions, like other aligner brands, they also have seasonal promotions around Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, and Black Friday.

Moreover, several coupon websites offer discount codes for NewSmile products. These promotional codes can be applied to NewSmile’s clear aligners, starters, and more.

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SmileDirectClub Discounts

This clear aligner brand has many ongoing discounts and coupons for various products that run with third-party coupon code websites and in newspapers such as the Los Angeles Times and other local press publications.

They have a referral program that rewards customers who refer their friends and family to their clear aligner products. By sharing a unique referral code with friends and family, customers can receive a $100 gift card for each person who uses the code to purchase clear aligners directly from the SmileDirectClub website. Additionally, the friend who uses the referral code to purchase clear aligners will receive a discount of $100 off the purchase price. 

SmileDirectClub regularly offers promotions and discounts throughout the year, especially during major holidays such as New Year’s and Black Friday. These seasonal promotions can offer significant savings of up to $200 on their clear aligner products.

Once you become a SmileDirectClub customer, you will receive monthly email communications that often contain exclusive discounts on impression kits, teeth whitening products, and even incentives that include Amazon vouchers. These discounts can help existing customers save money on additional products and services.

It’s worth noting that SmileDirectClub does not allow customers to use multiple promo codes at the same time. Therefore, it’s important to choose the most significant discount available to ensure that you get the best possible deal on their clear aligner products.

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Candid Discounts

Candid is a brand of clear aligners that are offered through a nationwide network of dental professionals with whom they have a partnership. While Candid does not typically offer discounts on their aligner products or services, they do occasionally offer promotions on some of their supplemental products like teeth whitening and retainers

However, some of the dental partners who work with Candid may run their own special promotions directly with the brand. If you are interested in learning more about these promotions, you can discuss them with your dental professional during your consultation.

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Invisalign Discounts

This well-known clear aligner brand does not offer any direct discounts but you can find reductions directly through orthodontists that may run promotions through their Invisalign product agreements both in person and on their websites.

An article on Healthline states that some children on government support for insurance may qualify for assistance towards the cost of Invisalign if it can be proven that the child’s need for orthodontic assistance is affecting their overall health. Parents can check to see if their child qualifies before committing to treatment to obtain these savings.

Many orthodontists also promote offers on Invisalign via third-party coupon websites and there is always a large number of promotions on Groupon, some stating up to 90% off, so it is worth doing online research before committing to purchasing Invisalign.

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